Melk beta 0.9

Convert short AVI videos to play on the iPod


  • Integrated with iPhoto
  • Very simple to use
  • Allows previews of clips


  • No way to record only selected clips from AVI files

Not bad
If you've got short AVI clips that maybe you've taken on your digital camera, and are stored in iPhoto but that you want to watch on your iPod, then Melk can help.

Melk uses an iPhoto style interface to import and convert your clips in a few clicks. You can select an entire album in iPhoto and it will automatically extract and convert those files that are video and convert them iPod or ATV format. You can identify individual videos within an album, however, and choose only the ones you want converting. You don't have to do them one by one either as Melk will let you queue them while you do other things.

There's no danger of wasting time converting videos that have already been converted either as Melk will recognize those that it has converted before as long as the file name has not been changed as it saves every conversion in a playlist file. There aren't many other features to Melk although you can preview movies before conversion by double clicking on them. It would have been nice however to be able to control how much of a clip you'd like to convert and alter the bitrate.

Melk is nevertheless an excellent solution for any iPod user that need to perform quick conversions of AVI files stored in iPhoto.

Improved stability Faces Other small fixes


  • Improved stability Faces Other small fixes


Melk beta 0.9

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